Occupational Therapy and Job Training in Pennasuken, NJ

Crescent Hill Academy’s occupational therapy department in Pennasuken, NJ consist of a verity of methods to assist each student to excel in occupational therapy. Through our loving and caring therapist in the Pennasuken, NJ and Cherry Hill, NJ area, we ensure that each student works toward his or her daily freedom (daily activities). Occupational therapy also works in real life events such as access link (bussing for handicap). Another facet of Crescent Hill Academy in Pennasuken, NJ is working on grooming, cooking, and other daily activities. In closing, Crescent Hill Academy offers a all in one program for your child’s needs in both Cherry Hill, NJ and Pennasuken, NJ. Crescent Hill Academy strives to make dreams come true and help remove all barriers if possible.