"My son has attended Crescent Hill Academy for the past 10 years. They offered my son excellent academics, therapies and individualized learning strategies. He has made gains and has matured nicely throughout the years. One highlight is Crescent Hill Academy’s annual proms…My son always attends and has a fantastic time. Their ratio of 3:1 teachers to kids has been very helpful to my son as well as two classroom assistants in his room. Crescent Hill Academy is unique in that every child is cared for as if I was caring for him myself. Here my son has grown, matured and is prepared for the future. Thank you, Crescent Hill!"

Angelina Jimenez - Parent

Cherry Hill, NJ

"My daughter attended Crescent Hill Academy from preschool to 21 years old. Through the years Crescent Hill Academy exceeded my expectations in every area. Academically, my daughter had excellent teachers. She learned and maintained the knowledge that was taught to her. She went on numerous field trips--pumpkin patch, zoo, Christmas shopping etc.--which helped her expand her socialization as well as her knowledge of the community. She attended numerous proms and she loved the dancing, the atmosphere with friends as well as the buffet provided. She also learned provocation and vocational skills which she now uses at their Adult Activity Center in Collingswood NJ. Crescent Hill Academy was to my daughter a safe place of being loved, cared for and receiving exceptional therapies in Speech, Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy. Crescent Hill Academy has an innovated therapeutic department. Their use of computers and the most up to date system sets them aside from anyone else. Crescent Hill Academy also helped me and my family find other services (health clinic, wheelchair clinic, etc.). I also recommend their summer program in July---great learning yet fun and enjoyable. My daughter is a better adult because of Crescent Hill Academy."

Donna Ridgeway - Parent

Pennsauken, NJ

"My son attended Crescent Hill Academy for many years. They offered my son individualized learning strategies as well as comprehensive therapies in Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy—not all places do that. My son grew in all areas not only academically but also socially and therapeutically. Their 3:1 ratio of teacher to student ensured that my son received adequate attention and guidance. Thru their job coaching, my son was able to develop good life skills that he will carry with him for the rest of his life. I feel Crescent Hill Academy is an excellent school for any child or parent that is looking for a safe, loving and caring environment.”

Angela Howell - Parent

Sicklerville, NJ

"Hi, my name is Toni and I am a former student of Crescent Hill Academy. Crescent Hill Academy has made a real difference in my life. When I first came to the academy, I entered into Mr. Al's class. Mr. Al taught me reading, writing, spelling, mathematics, history, science, and many other things along the way. All the therapists at Crescent Hill Academy were always there for me to help and guide me in reaching my potential. I remember the wonderful times we had at school dances and proms as well as the exciting field trips we took to the pumpkin patch, apple farm, horse farm and sunny days at camp filled with art and crafts, fishing, ,bowling trips, swimming and cookouts. I learned how to make many things that have shaped my life even after I left Crescent Hill Academy. All the staff both therapeutic and academic have made me feel so cared for and loved that I wish everyone could have the same experience that I had."

Toni Rutigliano - Former Student

Blackwood, NJ

"Staff and former classmates, my name is John Miranda I came to Crescent Hill Academy when I was 12 years old. I spent the next nine years learning, growing, and maturing at Crescent Hill Academy I started out in Mr. Al’s room. Mr. Al began to teach me how to read write and to do mathematics. Some of these were not my favorite subjects. Mr. Al was very creative in teaching me new ways to learn subjects that I disliked. After a few months, I was learning sight words doing addition, subtraction, and learned how to read, as well as prevocational and vocational skills. Mr. Al even taught me how to cook and bake.

My therapies, including therapists that are always ready to help me learn and develop. My Occupational Therapist worked on varies different tasks. In Speech I learned how to work on sight words, spelling skills as well as learn about computers. In Physical Therapy, I learned many different ways to use my wheelchair, sit properly, and I even was able to walk with crutches, which not only surprised me, but surprised all my family and friends.

Through the years, Crescent Hill Academy was a place I learned to grow and develop in every way possible. Through all interaction I had with staff and students, I became mature enough to go out and seek employment, an I am now employed part time at the Crock Center in Camden.

Crescent Hill Academy helped make me the man I am today. It began when I was 12, and within nine short years later I became the man that I am today. Thanks to Crescent Hill Academy staff and school."

John Miranda - Former Student

Pennsauken, NJ