Diverse Programs for Special Needs Education in Pennsauken, NJ

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Crescent Hill Academy is fully accredited by the New Jersey Department of Special Education. We have a 3 to 1 ratio of expert teachers, aides and therapists to aid students ages 3-21. We welcome minor to severe conditions and plan our curriculum accordingly, grouping students with their peers in both age and needs. Our programs and services include:

Special Education

Our staff provides individualized education programs for every student. Your child will initially meet with our child study team, teachers and therapists to determine what is needed to provide the best education plan and progress for your child. Periodic reviews ensure success and allow us to track progress or alter plans to allow growth. In addition to general school subjects, we teach skills to prepare children to function independently as they can in their community. They learn about travel, shopping, appropriate socialization, job opportunities and how to incorporate skill areas linked to the expanded New Jersey Core Curriculum content standards.

Speech Language Therapy

Our speech language specialists evaluate, plan and treat all speech, language, voice and fluency disorders as needed. We work closely with teachers to plan and implement remediation that integrates the NJ Core Curriculum Content Standards, providing feeding therapy intervention, augmentative communication evaluations and training, and assistive technology evaluations and training as needed.

Physical Therapy

Crescent Hill Academy’s physical therapy program is designed to help every student reach their physical potential, no matter how severe the disability. We work on developmental stimulation, teach range of motion exercises, strength, endurance, joint stability and many other skills to improve physical motion and health. Every student is individually evaluated, and each program is customized.

Occupational Therapy and Job Training

Students at Crescent Hill have access to a variety of treatments to promote maximum independence and productivity. Basic skills like self-feeding, personal care, dressing, social interactions and vocational skills are important components of everyday activities. We address them in a compassionate and individualized manner. We also offer job coaching to maximize every student's potential to lead an independent and satisfying life.

Summer School

An extended school year program was recently added to continue the excellent work we do flavored with a little more fun in the summer. This six-week program incorporates outdoor summer activities, field trips that include swimming, bowling, trips to the zoo or aquarium while students continue to receive prescribed academic and therapeutic programs with our certified teachers and specialists. It’s a more relaxed time of year where memories are many!

Preschool Program

Crescent Hill Academy now offers a program called Bright Beginnings to give your preschooler the skills they need to succeed in life. We offer this on a full- and half-day schedule. Our teachers understand that your child needs more attention than other kids their age. We’ll create a fun, positive environment where they can grow and be nurtured.