Special Education

Crescent Hill Academy in Pennasuken, NJ and servicing New Jersey including Cherry Hill, NJ is dedicated to each individual student. In Pennasuken, NJ, Crescent Hill Academy has a dedicated staff both academically and therapeutical where our program is dedicated to your child’s needs. Crescent Hill Academy strives to achieve the students equaling the maximum in all areas. The child's program is geared towards team approach with focus on IEP Individualized Educational Program in New Jersey including Cherry Hill, NJ. Crescent Hill Academy takes pride in ensuring that every student can possibly have the opportunity to be taught and educated. Our program ad outcomes are based on ensuring the child has high success and low frustration, resulting in better work efforts. Crescent Hill Academy is dedicated to each student academic and therapeutic needs and goals. Parents will be able to see growth both academically and therapeutically over days, months, and years as they go by. Crescent Hill Academy in Pennasuken, NJ takes great pride in ensuring each parent and student meet the maximum abilities that he/she has. Parents are encouraged to visit the academy and we are more than willing to involve through visits, parent input on what seems to be successful, so that your child gets the most successful improvement with a successful outcome. Crescent Hill Academy, servicing New Jersey including Cherry, NJ strives to make goals each year which is scaffolding that allows each student to grow at a rate that makes them feel comfortable. Crescent Hill Academy actively strives toward the students independence in the workplace and community. Crescent Hill Academy in Pennasuken, NJ works vigorously with community based instruction which allows the student to actively pursue and hold a job. Life long goals of the students are the most important part of our organization. Education and therapy are just as exceptional as your child. Care that leaves a lifetime of memories to build upon. Every child is loved and cared for at Crescent Hill Academy in Pennasuken, NJ so come and experience for yourself.

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